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Practice Areas

Career Coaching engagements are client led, and include individualized services.  



Understanding where and how you fit in the marketplace is crucial to assessing executive competencies.  Clients are invited to participate in as many assessments as they desire as they identify their strengths, opportunities, values, and individual brands.

Assessments include an Executive Competency Survey, Values Assessment, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Survey, as needed.



Create a consistent message of your executive benefits from verbal presentation, resume development, interviewing preparation, and accepting the offer.  


Clients utilize knowledge received from assessments and individual sessions to craft better how they are understood in their business career conversations.



Resume Development


Executive resumes require streamlining and keyword optimization.  We work with you to develop your resume that creates interest and guides your further discussions about fit and opportunity in the career search process.


Professional formatting is included in the resume development process.  Create the resume that best launches your interview conversations.



Interviewing changes as you move up the ladder of responsibility.  Interviewing requires you fine tool your message to talk about the most important things rather than just the interesting or most recent ones.  Learn how to answer questions effectively with the most impact possible.



Negotiating an offer establishes your relationship for the rest of your tenure at a company. You only get one chance to negotiate. Make it count, and don't live with regrets.



Your network is the most vital asset you have as an executive.  Once you take on significant responsibility, internal transitions are less likely. Learn how to create and maintain an executive network that keeps you connected even after you land.

Executive Marketing Plan

You wouldn't use one strategy to manage your investments, so why would you use one strategy to manage your career?  Develop a diversified marketing plan to connect with opportunities both public and private.  



Understanding your new role or organization takes attention and insight.  Discussions include internal politics, communication, and strategies for making your first 90 days successful.

Telecommuting Option

Need assistance outside the Cincinnati metro area?  Telecommuting options are available. Technology allows you to access our services when it is convenient for you.  

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